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Land for Sale in Pune

How would you like to be presented with clear title land-purchasing options? Whether you are looking for bungalow plots in Pune or land for development, do talk to us. Though we may not boast of the biggest inventory,  the few options we will present to you will be clean, clear and hassle-free.

Bungalow plots, N/A land, land in prime and developing locations for projects, school reservation plots, hospital reservation plots, industrial plots and warehouse plots, whatever your land requirement, please be assured that the options we will propose to you will be deliverable and absolutely ready for purchase.

Prelaunch to Preleased

Buy the best of the inventory in the new projects at the best possible prices!

Talk to us to understand which the best prelaunch offers available currently. And of course, we are happy to extend our services to support the transaction right up to leasing it out for you to a premium client and then selling it to ready investors as a preleased asset. And you are ready to repeat the great investors favorite cycle all over again. Prelaunch to Preleased has proved to the the NRIs most preferred investment method. Talk to us for more details.

Group- Buying Options

Do you wish to make an additional investment in Pune and desire that it should be the most premium and address to reckon with, ensuring it stays in demand through all real estate market cycles? We do have the best rent-earning properties which wold top the list of any investor's wish list.

Now you can buy a premium preleased property in Pune and start earning rent from Day1 ! All it takes is a few like-minded investors who will join you. And this group will enjoy the fixed monthly income and also the capital appreciation from the sale at the end of the lease tenure.

Do request for the group-buy options available with us today and consider how this will help you make the most profitable investments!


Review Property

Your Opinion Matters! We welcome you to share your experiences, as well as, review projects you have visited or assessed! The best reviews will be featured in our monthly newsletter.

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